Coach Training for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Give Your Leaders and Managers the Best Practices in Coaching Skills! A 3 day program for your leaders to receive basic coaching skills. Practical coaching methods for leaders to develop people, strengthen the organization, and achieve stretch performance goals!

You want your staff to bring out the best in each other?

Organizations are increasingly discovering the benefits of training managers and leaders in coaching skills. Used at the right time and in the right way, coaching is an effective approach for managers and leaders to develop their employees, increase engagement, and create a culture of leadership and success.

When employees have coaching skills means that your executives, managers, and front-line staff bring out the best in each other, constantly improve results, and build an unstoppable team that works for common goals.

Using coaching abilities on a daily basis enables employees to have the business and emotional intelligence to delight customers, implement ideas to increase revenues and profits, and increase the value of your business.

The most practical and effective way

I offer you the most practical, effective way to bring coaching skills to your leaders and managers.

Unlike other coach training programs, my program emphasizes performance, accountability, and results – all in the context of developing employees and managers for the future.

That way, you continue to develop a pipeline of leaders in the organization while also setting higher and higher standards for improved performance.

Also, while your managers and leaders complete our training and learn to coach their own people, they also develop their own leadership abilities. That’s because they look at their own leadership style and opportunities for improvement. In that way, our programs provide a triple benefit: The leader/coach develops new skills, the people whom the leader coaches improve skills and performance, and the organization as a whole gets stronger.

The advantages of the program include:

  • Practical. The program is practical, grounded in organizational coaching, and what it takes to succeed in an organizational and leadership setting.
  • Results-driven. Coaching is meant to improve performance in measurable, significant ways. It is about getting results. The training is designed to teach coaching methodologies, tools, and conversations that get results.
  • Deep and broad content. The content covers the most pressing challenges that managers and leaders face.
  • Step-by-step process. The training leads participants step-by-step through how to use coaching to make a difference and have impact. It is easy to learn and apply what we teach.
  • Ongoing support. I stay available for ongoing support.

After the 3 day program your leaders and managers will master :

-the Foundations of Coaching,
-the Executive Coaching Process,
-the Key Coaching Conversations,
-and how to use assessments.

Coach Training Agenda

Day One

Active Inquiry
The Coaching Process
Other Coaching Conversations (woven in)

  • Off the Shelf (e.g., Great People Inside)
  • 360 Verbal
  • Leadership Dashboard
  • Development Plan
  • Ad Hoc Assessments
Day Two

Behavioral Coaching
Perceptual Coaching
Situational Coaching

  • Powerbase
  • Influence
  • Engage and Mobilize Employees
  • Teams
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Lead change
  • Create a high-performance culture
Day Three

Situational Coaching (continued)
Creating Your Own Coaching Frameworks
Putting It All Together with the Coaching Plan for Results

I think that, when people join Daiana and CEC Coaching Training Program, what they are looking for is learning how to become a professional coach.

And they do, they learn it very well (and I’d say, pretty quickly), as they learn from the Master.

Yet, this is not the most valuable lesson I’ve taken, while being Daiana’s student.

My most valuable learning, imprinted into my cells during this journey, is the lesson of being who I am, wherever I am.

Joy and sadness, ups and downs, failures and success – they are all part of a human’s life. And Daiana doesn’t pretend to be an exception.

In fact, she doesn’t pretend at all – in my opinion, she teaches the most valuable lesson that a coach should learn: the lesson of authenticity, not by talking about it, but by doing it, in every single meeting we had.

So, yes, I have become a better coach, I achieved a deep understanding of coaching core-competencies and I thank you for this, Daiana.

What I’m deeply grateful for is that you brought the real you in all our meetings and this gave me the courage and desire to bring my real me, not only in our meetings, but also in all my other experiences, both personal and professional, including the dialogues with myself.

Thank you, Daiana! You rock!

Mioara Soldan

Professional Coach & Coach Trainer

Daiana’s presence is simply mesmerizing, I felt free, open, but most important, in a flow state. I was being both guided and in control at the same time. In under 40 minutes I managed to reach new conclusions, but also found a strategy backed up by specific actions that I could implement right away. Exactly what I needed!

Iulian I.

Career Seeker

The coaching training with Daiana is different from all I have experienced in my self development process, working with her was a fascinating journey in the coaching world.
Every session is different, all flows naturally, theory rapidly becomes practice, something to grasp and, for me, the final result was a successful integration of the coaching process.
At the end of every interaction my takeaways were added value, an excellent feeling of well-being and the belief that everything is possible.
Daiana’s presence is continuous and thus she succeeds in creating an extraordinary learning environment, a free of judgment space, where everyone feels comfortable to explore and express their potential. Thank you!

Cristina T.

Making Things Happen in a Bank

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