Develop your personal brand and image

Develop your personal brand for maximum results, visibility, and positive impact in 12 coaching sessions. We will follow a proven 12-step process to achieve your brand and image goals. We will meet weekly for progress updates and to share findings.

Are you a professional coach? Tired of being unknown and unseen in your market as a coach?

Stop struggling to make your business memorable and increase revenues.

Stop struggling to go into business for yourself.

At  the end of the program you have the following goals you may want to achieve:

1. Develop your branding to be consistent and compelling, including a marketing message that attracts clients.

2. Get visible using low-cost, high-impact tactics.

3. See a measurable increase in clients and referrals from them. In specific terms, you would like to see your revenues triple over the next year.

How to develop your brand and image

I have a 12 -step branding process that will make people think of you first when they have a need, and get you more clients than you can handle.

I have a comprehensive approach that looks at everything you do, from how you look to how you speak, dress, and the messages you put out in the public.

At the end of the program everything will change for you and be easier.
You will be seen as credible, trustworthy source who brings value to your target market.

Plus, you will love the way you look, feel and present yourself. For instance, you will attract clients to you instead of having to chase them.

12-step process

We will follow a proven 12-step process to achieve your brand and image goals. We will meet weekly for progress updates and to share findings.
If you want to take your business to its next phase of growth send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Diana is a very committed and reliable person, providing high level services. She always deliver results being consistent in each step of the process.Moreover, Daiana is very creative and inventive; she is able to find reasons in every situation for giving the constructive and positive feed-back. I strongly recommend Daiana for the next steps in his business and career development.

Dragos T.

General Manager

I am still working with Daiana and I am very pleased. What I like the most is that she work with me step-by-step, gradually entering into the problems. She really know her job! I strongly recommend her to any coach or another professional!

Feri L.

Creative Director

At the moment, I am working with Daiana on a daring rebranding project for my business. She proves to be an excellent expert in branding, social media & PR, but most of all she uses her coaching skills to have a very personal approach in order to generate authentic and valuable results. Thank you, Daiana, for your patience and for your ability to ask the right questions and guide me during this process.

Mihai P.

Transition and Transformation Coach

An exquisite journey! Daiana delivered a high impact, intensive experience, condensing learning and elegant teaching model. Looking forward to bring the learning and content to life.

Rudi H.

Peak Performance Coach