Weekly Planner

Price: 29 Euro

An effective and fun tool that will engage and excite you all year long! Enjoy this beautiful, useful and inspiring weekly planner throughout the year. Smile as your daily routine becomes a creative experience. Points of You™ reinvented the old-fashioned planner and upgraded it into a game full of stories, quotes, questions and more. Get excited!



THE Coaching GameThe Coaching Game

Price: 149 Euro

The Coaching Game is a powerful and creative tool for personal development and in corporate settings. The game invites us to free ourselves from set patterns of thought from the usual solutions, and to meet ourselves in a different place, opening up new possibilities for change, expansion and growth.






Price: 69 Euro

Punctum is a game which allows us to deal with various issues in our lives in a slightly different way – hands-on, playful and colorful, and at the same time powerful and surprising in its results. Whether at a social gathering, staff meeting, teambuilding session, on a date or family meal – Punctum makes for a meaningful and inspiring encounter, with ourselves and with others.