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Get certified with the leading executive coach trainer in the region and with a leading executive coaching certification program worldwide.

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About the Center for Executive Coaching:

One-on-One Certified Leadership & Executive Coach Credential

The Center for Executive Coaching is the leading coaching training & certification company for professionals seeking success as coaches to leaders, executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent — especially in dynamic and complex organizations. We have trained over 2,000 coaches in 32 countries, and now give our members license to use our complete toolkit of two dozen, best practice coaching frameworks. Most coach training programs are not equipped to teach the realities of the market and how to develop solutions that get practical, measurable results for clients. The Center for Executive Coaching is the exception. We are fully accredited with the International Coach Federation as an ACTP, and we also provide training for those who want the Board Certified Coach certification.

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Coaching content, process and engagement structure.

The Center for Executive Coaching’s Certified Leadership
& Executive Coach Curriculum

To mark your progression, modules are grouped by colors. As you demonstrate competency in each color group, you receive a Certificate of Completion. You complete the course as a Certified Leadership & Executive Coach when you demonstrate the ability to create your own coaching tools and frameworks on the spot while also bringing a culture of coaching to your organization.

⦿ Overview of the program and curriculum
⦿ Definition and limits of Executive

⦿ The Executive Coaching process
⦿ Executive Coaching conversations

⦿ Assessments
⦿ Development planning
⦿ Behavioral coaching
⦿ Perceptual coaching
⦿ The executive dashboard

⦿ Personal balance
⦿ Leadership attitudes and ways of being
⦿ Strategic coaching
⦿ Coaching for simple, powerful communication

⦿ Power base coaching
⦿ Coaching to mobilize and engage employees
⦿ Coaching to manage up (a.k.a. Leadership from below)
⦿ Coaching to think comprehensively and with clarity
⦿ Influence coaching
⦿ Conversations to move things forward
⦿ Collaborating up, down, and across the organization

⦿ Career transition coaching
⦿ Building effective teams
⦿ (Optional): Coaching the sales manager
⦿ Coaching during operational turnarounds
⦿ Coaching for smooth merger transitions
⦿ Succession planning
⦿ Creating the high-performance culture

⦿ Creating your own coaching tools and frameworks
⦿ Bringing a culture of coaching to your organization

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as an Executive Coach.

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Here is the center for executive coaching certified executive coach curriculum.

Our curriculum also includes our Business Development Intensive for Coaches, which provides the best guidance in the industry for coaches who want to develop their own external coaching practice. Contact us for more details about this program as well as for any questions about our complete curriculum. Our program stands apart in terms of our practical orientation, emphasis on getting results and delivering value, personalized support, and experience in the executive and leadership coaching field.

• Coaching defined
• Why executives hire coaches, and what they expect
•The orientations of the executive coach
• ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies

• The internal”talking shop”coaching process
• Your 3 – or 4 part proprietary process & methodology
• The coaching plan
• The coaching contract
• Defining results and clear expectations for a return on investment up front
• Getting all stakeholders in the coaching process on the same page up front
• (Special session for internal coaches): Setting up an effective internal coaching group

• The internal”talking shop”coaching process
• Your 3 – or 4 part proprietary process & methodology
• The coaching plan
• The coaching contract
• Defining results and clear expectations for a return on investment up front
• Getting all stakeholders in the coaching process on the same page up front
• (Special session for internal coaches): Setting up an effective internal coaching group

• 360-degree verbal assessment
• Off-the-shelf assessments
• The leader’s dashboard
• Six other methods to assess the client

• Coach to change or develop a new behavior
• Coach to shift a limiting perception
• Communicate simply and powerfully
• Influence others
• Manage time and handle overwhelm
• Think comprehensively about an issue
• Develop leadership presence
• Coaching when personal issues overlap with work

• Improve one’s powerbase of professional relationships
• Engage and mobilize employees
• Manage up
• Resolve a conflict
• Foster collaboration inside and outside the organization
• Build a great team

• Plan strategy
• Lead change
• Plan for succession
• Service excellence
• Create a high-performance culture
• Board development and effectiveness
• Why can’t we execute effectively?

What you receive:

Of course, choosing an executive coach training and certification program is not a decision to make lightly. Therefore, I appreciate your willingness to take the time to do your due diligence and get all of the information required to make the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn about the Executive Coaching Opportunity, what makes our Certified Executive Coach training program unique, how the program works, what you receive, pricing, and my pledge to you…

125 h of ACTP coach training

90 h of ACSTH coach training

10 hours of ICF mentor coaching required
by ICF (International Coach Federation)

Personal mentoring, guidance,
& support for YOU

Proven coaching processes & tools

A 455-page proprietary textbook

Lifetime access to to our member area with hundreds of hours of audio lectures, video demonstrations, and webinars

Weekly live calls with Daiana Stoicescu, MCC, covering courses curriculum

Toolkits that you can use immediately with clients

Matching up with other CEC coaches to build up your required coaching hours

My Pledge to You.

I will personally provide the highest level of personal support possible, including one-on-one discussions and a rapid turnaround time in responding to your requests and questions.

I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by International Coach Federation (ICF) and Faculty Member for Center for Executive Coaching in Romania.

I will help you achieve your specific goals and aspirations as a leading executive coach and advisor.

Once you join the program, you are a member for life. I don’t just cut you loose after you graduate.

You now have all of the information you need to make a decision. The bottom line: If you are a good fit for this program and become a member, I will go out of my way to help you succeed as an executive coach, feel confident and competent, and turn your passion for coaching into success. If you think there is a fit, call me now at 0040-730.177.495, or email me at [email protected] to set up a meeting.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

Daiana Stoicescu
Faculty Member for The Center for Executive Coaching


You will learn directly from our:

Daiana Stoicescu

Faculty Member Daiana Stoicescu, MCC by ICF, executive coach for leaders, with a Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Daiana is a pioneer in the coaching world in Eastern Europe, both as an executive and leadership coach and in the many coaching professionals she has trained, and who now look to her as their mentor.

Andrew Neitlich

The Founder and Director of Center for Executive Coaching, After graduating with distinction from Harvard Business School in 1991, Andrew led multi-million dollar consulting engagements for an international consulting firm.

He also rotated as the firm’s Director of Training and Professional Development, responsible for the training and development of 3,200 professionals.

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Here is what sets the center for executive coaching apart

  • 1. We focus first on coaching methods and processes that get results for clients in specific situations. Other programs emphasize theory, or a particular philosophy. We start with the pressing challenges and opportunities that leaders face, and the most effective and efficient ways to coach them through their situation.

  • 2. To us, a coaching designation is only a starting point. It is important to have, but not sufficient for success. We go way beyond. We give you tools and methods to coach clients from start to finish, set up a practice, and stand apart in a competitive field.

  • 3. Proprietary, proven content. Other programs teach the basic coaching core competencies and generic listening skills, along with basic emotional intelligence, leadership, and psychology material that you can find in any book on the subject on Amazon. We give you content you can’t get anywhere else, based on years of testing and refining from actual work coaching clients in the field and discovering what gets results and causes clients to give referrals and invite the coach back for more work.

  • 4. Our marketing guidance is the best in the industry. Whether you are an internal or external coach, you will need to position yourself to stand apart. No other program comes close to …

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as an Executive Coach.

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How it works step by step

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Elena Manea

Spezialist Personalentwicklung at Pirelli Deutschland

Nothing can stop you when you decide to make a change and when you search, you always find the right person. So, I had the luck to find Daiana Stoicescu (mentor & coach) and did a wonderful journey in the world of coaching, self-knowledge and awareness. With her help I could see who I am and who I want to become by learning from the best. Thank you Daiana for all your kindness, patience and guidance. Will always appreciate you and your work :-)

Gururaja Murthy

Fortress Investment Group Japan – Head of IT

I had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Daiana while I was in the Executive Coach training program at the Center For Executive Coaching. Right from the first session, I felt fortunate to have a coach/mentor like her as I could feel her genuine passion and willingness to coach. I felt most comfortable even when she was giving critical feedback because of her slow, deliberate and very involved form of speech. I would recommend anyone seeking coaching to reach out to Daiana.

Dimitri de Wild

Head of Global Client Services, APAC and EMEA at Pegasystems

I had the honor of getting to know and being mentored by Daiana when joining the Center for Executive coaching program. Daiana’s abiilty to relate, support, and guide with clear and actionable advice is exceptional. In addition she has always taken all the time to answer any question and provide any additional guidance to further accelerate our learning towards our goals. I highly recommend to accept any opportunity to the fullest to engage with Daiana.

Violeta Mateș

ACC, Certified Executive Coach

Daiana was that person who showed me a different transformation approach, as she loves to say a coaching style one. In my journey to become a coach Daiana was a great trainer and mentor coach. She has a super ability to create a safety learning space, which helped me learn and to progress very fast. She always gave the feedback for which I was prepared, her eye for details helped to identify my strenghts and my value as a coach. I highly recommend Daiana to everyone who wants to become a coach or wants to have a wonderful coaching experience.

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