ICF Accredited ACTP Training Program Made Easy.

How it works step by step

Coaching content, process and engagement structure.

The Center for Executive Coaching’s Certified Leadership
& Executive Coach Curriculum

To mark your progression, modules are grouped by colors. As you demonstrate competency in each color group, you receive a Certificate of Completion. You complete the course as a Certified Leadership & Executive Coach when you demonstrate the ability to create your own coaching tools and frameworks on the spot while also bringing a culture of coaching to your organization.

⦿ Overview of the program and curriculum
⦿ Definition and limits of Executive

⦿ The Executive Coaching process
⦿ Executive Coaching conversations

⦿ Assessments
⦿ Development planning
⦿ Behavioral coaching
⦿ Perceptual coaching
⦿ The executive dashboard

⦿ Personal balance
⦿ Leadership attitudes and ways of being
⦿ Strategic coaching
⦿ Coaching for simple, powerful communication

⦿ Power base coaching
⦿ Coaching to mobilize and engage employees
⦿ Coaching to manage up (a.k.a. Leadership from below)
⦿ Coaching to think comprehensively and with clarity
⦿ Influence coaching
⦿ Conversations to move things forward
⦿ Collaborating up, down, and across the organization

⦿ Career transition coaching
⦿ Building effective teams
⦿ (Optional): Coaching the sales manager
⦿ Coaching during operational turnarounds
⦿ Coaching for smooth merger transitions
⦿ Succession planning
⦿ Creating the high-performance culture

⦿ Creating your own coaching tools and frameworks
⦿ Bringing a culture of coaching to your organization

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