Leadership Embodiment Skills for Inspired Leadership

Leadership Embodiment is a technique that will introduce you simple and effective Leadership and Communication exercises that can help you be more inclusive, creative and inspired under pressure. 3 Comprehensive, fun, experiential sessions based on science and a clear, interactive learning format that offers you immediate and impactful takeaway tools.

Leadership Embodiment Overview directly from the Founder Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer will visit Romania this September and she will offer 2 day workshop for business leaders in Europe. If you want to work with her in person you may want to register here.

The Body always wins


Leadership is the ability to take responsibility for something that matters, present and future, and then successfully engage others to bring it to life.

Embodiment is defined as “the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.”

Leadership Embodiment is a way to work with leaders, regardless of rank or position, to help them become an exemplary leader. We work with the body as an efficient and powerful way to access the leadership qualities we all need in rapidly changing and often stressful environments.

These 3 LEADERSHIP EMBODIMENT sessions that I offer are designed to create deep and lasting impacts by engaging participants in practical, real world experiences of being centered under pressure. Participants increase awareness of their non-verbal communication, build a reference point for a confident leadership presence and the ability to act gracefully under pressure.

You know a lot about the “what” that is needed for great leadership, Competence, Warmth & Authenticity. Through mindfulness and technique you are able to cultivate these qualities allowing you to gain influence and lead with inspiration rather then fear. Through interactive exercises, the Leadership Embodiment model will offer you a “How” to cultivate these qualities, building the skills that will allow you to lead with warmth, confidence and authenticity.

We can “know” all the right things to do but when we are confronted with stress our bodies revert to Fight/Flight or Freeze. Leadership Embodiment offers techniques and practices that can, in real time, modify the stress response and allow us to quickly recover our Big Picture thinking, Warmth and Confidence while under pressure.

Leadership Embodiment practices give you Choice in how you respond.

We learn from contrast/repetition and Doing. If reading a book were enough we would already be the best leaders we could be. Having an action oriented process helps build the “muscle” of a new, more skillful habit.

“We do not rise to our expectations, we fall to our level of training.”

Starting with the bio-science of stress and its’ effects, learn about hormones like Cortisol, Testosterone and Oxytocin. They can have a powerful affect on our nervous system and neocortex. Studies have shown the body’s ability to recover from the stress response can be quick and effective. Leadership Embodiment Centering techniques gives us that short cut recovery.

Experience “360 in a bottle” stress assessment. By applying light physical pressure in partner practice we discover our “baseline stress pattern.”

Combining mindfulness and the Leadership Embodiment technique of Centering we will practice quickly shifting to the warm/inclusive and confident state while still under pressure.

The 3 sessions will focus on Inclusivity, Skillful listening and how to Influence through Inspiration.

Respond creatively and nonreactively when stress is high
Increase communication, performance and collaboration
Taking a stand with clarity and precision
Stay connected and listen to others in challenging situation

Learn practices to quickly reconnect with wisdom, strengths and abilities - especially in difficult and stressful situations.

3 to 5 Expected Outcomes

In these 3 sessions, Daiana will share Leadership Embodiment® concepts, tools and practices which build three leadership competencies:

  1. Inclusiveness: We are all in this together
  2. Centered Listening: Listening to feedback without taking it personally
  3. Speaking Up: Taking a Stand with Clarity and Precision

Daiana will help you see how the way you react in certain situations can derail your effectiveness, and then guide you in practices that will allow you to quickly reconnect with wisdom, strengths and abilities – especially in difficult and stressful situations.

At the end of these 3 sessions, you will

  •  Increase your capacity and ability to be powerful and effective when situations or feedback strike a nerve
  • Be able to transfer the learning to your work and life so that you can increase your effectiveness and get the results you want
  • Have a clear practice to help you continue to develop your capacity for calm, courageous and powerful leadership when the going gets tough.
  • A personal practice plan and ways to continue to build the Leadership Embodiment skills shared in this program.

How it works:

  • 3 sessions of individual work
  • 60 minute/ week group practice (optional)

If you would like to discuss your situation, please call me on my personal cell phone at 0040-730.177.495 or e-mail me at daiana@daianastoicescu.com.

I must admit to having mixed feelings of skepticism and curiosity when I first heard about Leadership Embodiment.

Once I learned more about it and I started to practice under the guidance of resourceful Daiana, a new space of possibilities was revealed to me.

It opened a door to a place of both relaxation and dynamism for the VUCA world we live in.

Not only Leadership Embodiment is practical, but it also gives an enhanced meaning to how we relate to ourselves and others.

Eager to try an insightful technique? Give it a try, Leadership Embodiment really works!


Maria E.

Coaching Student

Discovering Daiana’s Leadership Embodiment practice was one of the tiny miracles of this confinement period. I have clicked instantly with the practice and had the impression that my cells were happy and aligned, suddenly stress and discomfort disappeared; the body felt light and appeased. I am so grateful for it. 

Daniela S.

Coaching enthusiast

“Many consultants have given us the ‘What’ of leadership development. The Leadership Embodiment sessions were the first to give us the How.”

Leadership Embodiment Client

Daiana is a great coach and how she shares her knowledge is amazing. Work and learn about empowerment leadership with her was really the best option. Thank you, Daiana!


Business Coach

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Get inspired and take monthly action with Daiana!

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