Take control of your TIME

Stop feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get back in control of your time in your leadership role. 6 coaching sessions and a proven methodology that assesses at exactly how you spend your time now, and then sets specific goals for the most valuable uses of your time as a leader of your organization.

What is your most precious asset as an executive?

Money and investments are certainly high on the list. However, you can earn back money that you have lost, and find new opportunities and investments.

In fact, if we use the criteria of renewability to screen for how precious an asset is, then we can also remove a second asset from the list: professional relationships. Your network of professional relationships is one of the most important assets that you have. Almost nothing is more important to your success. However, to a large extent, your network is in fact renewable. You can repair wounded relationships, and you can continue to grow your networks by meeting new people.

The same goes for a third asset that is precious: health and vitality. While we take the importance of our health and vitality for granted, to a large extent we can make healthy choices that renew our health, vitality, and energy. With the right diet, exercise, and stress management, we can bring fresh focus, discipline, and enthusiasm to our work every day.

While money, professional relationships, and vitality are mostly renewable, there is one asset that is not.Because it is so finite, it is more precious than any other.

The one resource that we have that is not renewable is time. Every second we use is a second that we cannot get back.

We know this, and yet we often act as if we do not. We spend our time doing things that others could be doing instead. We do things that are not essential to our organization’s strategic priorities. We do things that are not the most important things for us to be doing as leaders.

As a result, we feel overwhelmed. We lose our focus. Ironically, our other assets suffer as well. We are stressed and lose energy and vitality. We do not relate as well with others, because we are distracted and cannot give our full attention. We make poor decisions that cost money.

Time is indeed our most important asset. Be sure that you treat as you would any other. Measure how you use it. Analyze your decisions. Make new, more strategic choices going forward. Do what it takes to set boundaries to execute those choices.

In the case of time, sunk costs are truly sunk forever.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get back in control of your time in your leadership role

Executives, entrepreneurs and managers in organizations of all sizes privately share with me that one of their top concerns as a leader is that they feel overwhelmed. The stresses of juggling multiple demands on their time, resolving constant conflicts, and coping with competing priorities all make it extraordinarily difficult to feel in control.

Join 6 coaching sessions and a proven methodology that assesses at exactly how you spend your time now, and then sets specific goals for the most valuable uses of your time as a leader of your organization

If you also have this concern, you are not alone. Many leaders feel the same way, and there is a solution.

Exactly What You Receive

  • 6 intensive Face to Face sessions
  • More intensive and personalized attention.
  • Unlimited email & call support during of program

I specialize in working with senior executives and entrepreneurs to bring back control, focus, and peace of mind to your work. As a result, you are more productive, you make better decisions, and you notice that your performance as well as that of your team and your organization improves –seemingly with less effort and hassle.

Course structure

This Program is for you if you are:

  • overwhelmed
  • spending too much time at work
  • disorganized
  • complainng of too many meetings, fires, interruptions, etc

How it works:

  • 6 sessions of individual work

If you would like to discuss your situation, please call me on my personal cell phone at 0040-730.177.495 or e-mail me at daiana@daianastoicescu.com.

Working with Daiana, on time planning strategies, I realized that I could use my time more efficient. I wasn’t aware of how much time I lose with small things, or how little time I invest in people or things that are important for me (friends, family, sport, hobbies). And one of the most important, I understood that saying NO to some tasks or colleagues, might mean saying YES to some friends or to my family sometimes. After that, everything was a matter of choice and change of habits.

What I mostly admire at Daiana is her determination. She has a very sharp mind and finds ways to get where is needed and reach what she aims.

Vera U.

Communication Coordinator

I feel that all  the time spent with Daiana was a pivotal point in my career life. I’ve got Daiana coaching services when I’ve decided to turn out after twelve years of corporate career and to shift into an entrepreneurial path. I really didn’t know what to expect, but she helped me to have a clear step-by-step, result driven approach. I can describe Daiana as intuitive, insightful, thought-provoking and best of all gets you out of overwhelm and non-direction.

Finally, I have my own business with the lifestyle business design that I’ve truly wanted. I strongly recommend Daiana coaching approach if you really want to move forward in your career, in your life.

Georgeta Stoian

Founder & Director Espora Evolutiv Business

I am still working with Daiana and I am very pleased. What I like the most is that she work with me step-by-step, gradually entering into the problems. She really know her job! I strongly recommend her to any coach or another professional!

Feri L.

Creative Director

Daiana’s presence is simply mesmerizing, I felt free, open, but most important, in a flow state. I was being both guided and in control at the same time. In under 40 minutes I managed to reach new conclusions, but also found a strategy backed up by specific actions that I could implement right away. Exactly what I needed!

Iulian I.

Career Seeker

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