We are currently at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution

Disruptive innovations create new business opportunities and models while destroying the old ones. Technology has already started replacing a vast majority of jobs, creating others and reshaping the way in which we do business.

We are currently at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution

Professional transformations are set in motion by globalisation and technological revolutions, especially a digital revolution – going from mechanical technology towards digital technology. The speed at which these changes are occurring is not going to slow down – in the next 20 years we will witness a continuous revolution of the workplace and workforce, marked by volatility, uncertainty and complexity..

Whilst the majority of people accept that these changes will revolutionise what we call “work” today, many analysts have opposing views regarding the characteristics of these changes and who will get the most out of them. On one hand, there are optimistic predictions regarding the future of work, where machinery will assist man in performing menial tasks, allowing people to enjoy more interesting jobs, with a better pay and more free time. On the other hand, there are some pessimistic predictions which portray a future where technology is threatening jobs and communities altogether.

The Great People Inside Conference: HR (R)Evolution will launch into interesting and challenging discussions regarding the pace of technological changes being made, the effects it has on jobs and the implications it has on HR, organisations, and employees.
Assembling specialists, practitioners and opinion leaders known worldwide, the 2-day programme combines thematic presentations, bold conversations and group discussions in an interesting manner, with the purpose of discovering techniques and strategies that will determine success in the near future, eliminating the uncertainty of this transitional moment and preparing for the rapid changes that occur in the workforce.
An event dedicated to sharing ideas, inspiration and information regarding the future of work.

According to a report done by Microsoft and Future Laboratory:

“Around 65% of school pupils will move igreat people inside confnto careers that don’t even exist yet. By 2025, the vast majority of the workforce will consist of the generation that has grown up while using mobile devices as the main source of interaction.”

Be inspired by internationally-renowned speakers. These remarkable individuals will motivate, inform and drive you to enact positive change in your personal life and in your organization.

I will be there with a booth representing ICF Romania!


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