60 executive coaching opportunities …

…and these only represent a tiny sliver of all that is out there for you..

One of the wonderful things about being a certified executive coach is the breadth of opportunities it opens up to you. Following is a very short list of some of the engagements that our alumni, my coaching colleagues, and I have participated in with clients. The text is framed to reflect the way that the client expressed the initial problem to us. When you join the Center for Executive Coaching, you get the tools, methods, and processes you need to deliver solutions to these leadership challenges — whether as an internal or external coach.

I personally guarantee that we provide you with more practical, results-driven content than other programs in the market — by far — when it comes to what it really takes to succeed and delight clients and their organizations. Unlike other training programs, we don’t merely show you how to ask a never-ending list of open ended questions to frustrate your clients. We give you approaches so that your clients get results using the most efficient and effective path possible, which is what they want and expect. We also provide you with deeper, more personalized, ongoing support — at no additional cost to you.

Take a look at the list below. It is only a small sliver of the number of opportunities that become available for you; it doesn’t even begin to discuss opportunities in training, facilitation, and group coaching (which we also show you how to offer). If you would like to get involved in this type of work, review our website in more depth and let’s schedule time to speak. My email is [email protected]

The list:

  1. I’ve taken on a new role and want to be sure to succeed.
  2. I’m frustrated with the pace of change in my organization.
  3. I am great at technology but not great at engaging people.
  4. We have an ad hoc team coming together to achieve a huge goal, but we all have different styles and interests; we want the support of a coach to keep us on track.
  5. I need to improve my leadership presence so that I can move to the C-suite.
  6. I need to improve my ability to communicate with investors so that my company attracts more funds.
  7. I want to become a leader of leaders so that I can move up and run a region/division within my company.
  8. I’ve been told I have only one way that I communicate and I need to be more flexible in different situations.
  9. I need help resolving conflicts that I have in my organization.
  10. I want to develop our board to be more effective.
  11. I need support setting and communicating strategy.
  12. We have a strategy but some of our major initiatives are not getting done.
  13. Our customer satisfaction scores are low and we need coaching to hold us accountable for improving them.
  14. I need to learn how to influence others with more impact, especially with some high stakes conversations that I have coming up.
  15. We have significant quality issues, and our team is not fixing them quickly enough.
  16. We need a kick in the pants because we are stuck in analysis paralysis and not taking action or getting results.
  17. Customers love the products and services I offer but I can’t scale my company quickly enough. I need a coach to help me clone myself and some members of my team so that we can grow faster.
  18. I’m worried that some company like Amazon is going to come in and destroy us.
  19. I need to get the right team in place to help us get where we need to go.
  20. We need a coaching program for our high potentials to move to the next level, and to build a pipeline of leaders.
  21. We need to coach our sales leaders to get past a specific milestone in their sales performance.
  22. We need to coach some of our unit leaders/branch managers to match the performance levels of our better achievers.
  23. I’ve been told that I have a behavior that could derail my career if I don’t change it.
  24. I need some coaching to learn about the nuances of the culture so I can fit in better.
  25. I need to be more politically astute when I try to get buy in for my ideas.
  26. I just want to be a better leader and would like some coaching to find at least one thing I can do better that will get me to the next level.
  27. I want a sounding board to confidentially discuss new opportunities and internal challenges.
  28. I want coaching for a career transition [within the organization, mid-career, encore career, to leave a legacy now that my career is over, to shift industries, to change functional roles, to start an entrepreneurial venture….]
  29. I have a very different style from my manager and am worried that our relationship is not great.
  30. I am taking on a role in a new country and want coaching to succeed with the transition.
  31. I want to exit my business and need coaching to prepare the organization for succession.
  32. I keep being passed over for the best opportunities in this company.
  33. We do succession planning reactively and I need a coach to help me make succession planning part of our culture.
  34. We have grown too quickly and need coaching to develop a pool of leaders who can help us strengthen the company and keep us growing without falling into chaos.
  35. We need coaches for our internal coaches, to serve as a sounding board for them.
  36. We have hired an employee engagement assessment firm to measure engagement and now need coaching and training to help improve the results.
  37. We have a number of technical experts moving into leadership roles and need coaching to help them develop the softer skills required.
  38. I need coaching on a specific skill [negotiation, asserting, public speaking, selling…]
  39. I was a great salesperson and now they’ve promoted me to sales management and I realize I am outside my depth.
  40. Our team is not working well together and we need an objective coach to get us back on track.
  41. I need someone who can role play high stakes conversation with me before I go into the actual meeting.
  42. We are in the midst of a merger and it isn’t working out because our cultures are too different. I need some coaching on how to bring our two organizations together.
  43. I am not comfortable delegating.
  44. I have trouble giving tough feedback to my people.
  45. I have trouble asserting and want a coach to help me learn how to assert without burning bridges or giving in too quickly.
  46. I don’t like conflict.
  47. I am missing deadlines and driving myself and others crazy because I need everything to be perfect.
  48. I feel like I might be burning out and don’t want this to happen to me.
  49. I need to shift from a command-and-control style to being more collaborative.
  50. I am a micro-manager and want coaching to change this behavior.
  51. I’m spending way too much time at work and not enough time with family or on taking care of my personal needs.
  52. I need to get better at giving and receiving feedback.
  53. We have a number of managers who tend to be abrasive, and need to soften their edges.
  54. I want support as I try to change the culture [to more entrepreneurial, more customer focused, more proactive, better quality, a safety mindset….]
  55. I run a family-owned business and we have a number of issues that go beyond simply running a business.
  56. I am overwhelmed with too many priorities and too little time.
  57. I make bad hiring decisions again and again and want to stop.
  58. My executive team is not aligned.
  59. We have four different generations here who do not seem to understand each other.
  60. We do not have enough representation from women or specific ethnicities and need to provide additional leadership development programs specific to the needs of these populations

Again, there are many more. To discuss your goals and whether our Certified Executive Coach training programs might be a fit for you, email me at [email protected] or call me on my cell at 0730.177.495

Content Source: Andrew Neiltlich- Founder of our Certified Executive Coach training programs in Florida, USA.



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