Do you have awareness in conversation?

As you know, I work as an executive coach and I have a strong interest in conversation. When I hear a conversation I look at it with curiosity and I follow the exchange between two people. I often wonder how conversations can change if you pause between words. Wherever your starting point, I believe you will discover for yourself ways in which you can contribute differently to conversations.

Here are some questions for you to answer:

  • Can you imagine the possibility of conversations in which we listen more carefully to understand?
  • Can you imagine conversations in which we cultivate the habit of pausing for breath before jumping to conclusions or assuming we have all the answers?
  • Can you imagine conversations that are more mindful? When we are more aware of what is happening, as it is happening?

I strongly believe that these kinds of conversations do take place if you bring awareness in the present moment.

Here is an exercise for you to practice: reflect for a moment on a recent conversation with one other person. Just remember: where was your attention? Mainly internal, on your own agenda? Mainly on the other person? Did only one person spoke? Was one of you speaking over the other? How do you choose when to speak and when to listen?

What do you think? Do you regularly have awareness in your conversation? Which thought do you focus on? What tips can you offer to bring awareness in conversation? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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