Do you Coach and Grow Rich?

I just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book is largely based on Kiyosaki’s childhood upbringing and education in Hawaii. It highlights the different attitudes to money, work and life of two men (i.e. his titular “rich dad” and “poor dad”), and how they turn in influenced key decisions in Kiyosaki’s life.


Here are two key points I like from his book:

  1. Don’t be self-employed. Create a business.
  2. Assets provide ongoing cash flow. Create assets.

Most coaches neglect both of the above rules, and don’t make as much money as they could.

The issue is that we are passionate about what we do, so passionate that we forget that we have a huge opportunity to create a lucrative business as a coach. Instead, we trade our time for dollars, and our income hits a ceiling when we run out of time to coach clients. (Myself included :)). And so we become poor coaches when we have every opportunity to still love what we do and also be a rich coach.

A lucrative coaching business is one in which we aren’t just trading time for dollars, where we earn income and create assets/wealth even when we aren’t coaching clients directly.

You can create wealth and a true business as a coach. It just requires a different mindset than most people have, which is good news for you because you can set yourself apart as a great coach in your field.

Whether your goal is to make 30,000 Euro as a coach next year, or hit the top 5% and earn more than 100,000 Euro and even seven figures, you choose.

Why be a Poor Coach when — with just a little effort and knowledge on your part — you can be a Rich Coach? So, create assets that bring you a stream of income! Reap your rewards and enjoy wealth!

What do you wish yourself for the next year? What do you want for the next stage of your journey?

May this holiday season sparkle and shine. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may you feel this happiness all year round.



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