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Punctum is a game which allows us to deal with various issues in our lives in a slightly different way – hands-on, playful and colorful, and at the same time powerful and surprising in its results.



Whether at a social gathering, staff meeting, teambuilding session, on a date or family meal – Punctum makes for a meaningful and inspiring encounter, with ourselves and with others.

punctum 2The game plays on the relationship between photos, words and questions and how they relate to the players/team/clients regarding a specific personal or professional issue.

With photo therapy principles guiding the selection of beautiful photos from amateur photographers around the world, each photo card is open to a world of interpretations. The photo cards are different
then the cards featured in The Coaching Game. This tool can be integrated with The Coaching Game wonderfully to offer clients something even more unique. Each word card corresponds to the words in
The Coaching Game and to the page in the book which has stories, quotes, questions and more.

The game includes 33 photo cards, 33 word cards, 33 question cards, a cloth process board and a user guide.

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